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WEconnect Co-Founder & CEO: How to Treat Yourself

We were fortunate enough to speak with Daniela Luzi Tudor, who has shared her lows and highs and everything in between, which was greatly appreciated and inspirational. This was a very personal piece that gave goosebumps and we are happy to share the key insights received below. Many may find this emotionally relatable.

1. Collect Change and Make A Dollar Out of It!

Challenges are constantly thrown at us daily, big and small, whether that’s a car breaking down on you or having a missing email. Human errors can always be an external factor, but what we can’t ignore is our feelings. A major step for adapting in this world is not ignoring any emotion and accepting faults. It’s best to stay prepped for change through controlling our reactions; whereas, when we aren’t prepped and resist to change, we have no control over our lives. Our reactions to daily challenges determine the outcome. When hiding from change, we are resisting growth and learning opportunities. Daniela has faced many challenges her whole life and has provided insight on this valuable lesson! One key she mentioned to being able to adapt is giving purpose to our lives and find our happiness to give yourself direction as to where you want to go (We will be diving into this further down this blog post). This allows to to be able to adapt and control the impact of change on your life. Without a purpose in life, you don’t have directions and you will drift in life towards your comfort zone.

You have to eliminate regrets. Regret prevents us from responding positively to change. You end up blind to the future and present opportunities and lose control of being able to make a decision. The only control you have over is the future through positive outlook. Daniela has talked about how she has learned many different languages after moving to 17 different cities across 4 countries, yet she was the same person no matter the language she communicated in. Don’t let changes in life change who you are! Attempting to change a change will only keep you in the same place. Adapting to change pushes you forward.

This key takeaway is a crucial segway to the next 2 keys! Naveen had given us this major key, of adaptation, last week. Coincidence?

Are you accepting or embracing the changes that you’ve encountered?

2. Be Yourself, Not Your Judge

In the ‘finish the sentence’ game, Daniela said she would advise us to not be so hard on ourselves. This also means we shouldn’t hold on to the past or ignore our emotions. There are many ways to express feelings, but a guaranteed way of doing so is through connecting. As Daniela said, “Opposite of addiction is connection.”. Connections have 2 sides: the human element of feeling that you’re not alone and also speaking your truth without guilt or shame. It’s all about self progression, as we learn through mistakes and if others judge or criticize, use that as feedback and motivation to work even harder! Your past isn’t your identity.

Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Having people you can trust and rely on will make you happier and feel better about yourself. Never compare yourself to others, only with the person you were the previous day. Daniela said it best, “The closest soul to me is my higher self.”.

Don't underestimate your talent until you apply it 100 times. Are you applying your natural talents?

3. Don’t Miss That Call!

We talked about happiness earlier, and how we can use that to help us adapt in life. A solution to finding what you’re passionate about would be by breaking up your routine or changing environments for a few days and writing some thoughts on a whiteboard of what makes you happy. Daniela defines happiness as finding a solution to a problem you’re facing or some personal interest that rejuvenate you.

Your mission has to be tied to something you enjoy and that could be used as a utility for yourself. So, if you don’t enjoy your job, you can still be happy by giving yourself purpose or using the job itself to make other personal hobbies happen, such as using the money saved to go on a cruise to the Bahamas! That may sound cliché, but there are 2 categories of people: ones that love what they do and ones that worked to explore hobbies. So, basically love your work or work for what you love, either way provides freedom to what you love in both ways. Don't feel too unhappy or out of place when you think a change in your life isn’t going well, because the moment Daniela described, of when she felt she was at her lowest, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You will always have a calling, so don’t let challenges make you miss your call!

Have you mapped out steps on how to achieve what makes you happy?

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