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The One Trait You Need

It's been a little over a year since I interviewed John Lauer, Co-Founder & CEO of Zipwhip. One thing that I will never forget about that conversation is John sharing a part of his personal journey that literally gave me the goosebumps. Let me share with you a crazy story about John Lauer.

During John's senior year of college, he had already started a business around helping companies build good websites. The business was doing okay; he had some clients but had lots of credit card debt because he used that as his "start-up capital." He was getting his Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, a degree to be proud of. Back then (and even today), a high-paying job with a computer science degree was very common.

It was John's final semester before he got his degree, before he got his "safety net," in case his business ended up failing.

He decided to drop out of school during his last semester to focus on building his business.

Think about it. We now know John as this huge success who has built up several profitable businesses. More than 35,000 customers use Zipwhip, they now have over 300 employees, and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. I want you to imagine what kind of "noise" and outside pressure John was receiving from his family & friends; they thought he was crazy!

John was not crazy, he was committed.

He did go through lots of challenging times, but decades later, because he was committed, he found success.

Commitment is very hard to find in people. Commitment in anything. A relationship, a career path, a business, a project, and especially a long-term goal.

I've learned through the stories I've read in books and the stories we publish on our podcast that the human beings that stay committed for extended periods of time, are the ones that find success. In the context of building a career (whether you're an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or have a certain area of expertise), long-term goals may not even be reached for another decade.

Are you willing to commit to a path for 10 years?

A large majority of human beings will not do that. Some will say they are willing to commit to their career goals, their life dreams, and their long-term goals, but most underestimate the grit and emotional resilience it really takes.

That makes the formula a whole lot easier, because if you simply know that by committing to something, you are separating yourself from more than 90% of people, then you know that what you need to do is... commit.

I'm giving you the formula. The hard part is following through.

Please stay committed & trust your gut my friends,


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