• Mj Vieweg

Sprouting the Seeds of Success

Successful people have similar traits. Without a doubt, three traits; initiative, innovation and intuition show up consistently. And all of us have these same “seeds” planted within us.

But they don’t always sprout on their own.

Here are some ways you can cultivate these seeds of success:

Initiative: Initiative is taking advantage of an opportunity for action related to a goal, primarily in a way that makes a positive impact. Even if the impact is not immediate. To cultivate initiative, start looking around you for things that need to be done and could be done to move you closer to reaching a goal. Then, do them. This could look like asking to work on a certain project to gain some experience or tracking your daily spending to see how much you spend on take-out.

Innovation: Before you feel like you don’t have the seed of innovation in you, consider that innovation can be cultivated by thinking differently. Successful people think about and try new ways of doing things. They often make connections where others don’t. The questions they ask of themselves and others result in answers that point toward action. Innovation is often spurred by the possibility of improvement. Foster the seed of innovation by looking for actions that could improve your results.

Intuition: You may think of intuition as a knowing that comes from out of the blue. I think that intuition. stems from self-knowledge. Successful people often can recount at least one time where they acted on their intuition in a way which appeared to others to be very uncertain. And relying on their intuition at that time gained them some ground. Successful people have insight into themselves so they can more accurately discern if an opportunity is right for them. One thing you can do to cultivate your own intuition is to start journaling. Journaling can be extremely productive. It helps you identify your preferences, strengths, skills, and goals and why you have them, and how you can leverage them.

Which one of these “seeds” will you cultivate? What other ways can you think of to grow success?

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