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Snapbar CEO & Co-Founder: Sam Eitzen

Sam Eitzen has a portfolio of diversified experiences with a few obstacles, where we were fortunate enough to hear his stories. He tells us what it takes to get through certain professional obstacles in life. Check out the top three highlight lesson reel below:

1. You Can’t Be Your Own Team

Sam Eitzen had one long unforgettable journey, not only because of the obstacles he’s been through, but also because he is humble and appreciates each moment with everyone he’s crossed paths with. His journey to success includes selling coffee out of a van with his wife, finding work and moving to the greater Seattle area through his friend, and accidentally founding Snapbar with his brother. Sam understood that you couldn’t do anything alone from day one, where he believes that communication is a top life skill to acquire. During the pandemic, he realized that many employees could soon be unemployed, so he knew he needed to keep the business running to prevent that. This would lead him to start a new venture, Keep Your City Smiling, which would retain enough revenue to buy time for the company to develop a virtual photo booth software, helping employees stay employed. This is a true definition of being a team member.

2. Get Out of Jail (Work for) Free Card

Life isn’t monopoly, but it has its similarities, such as playing your cards right to win when you aren’t rich. While working in REI, Sam Eitzen didn’t see a future with the company, especially after he connected with a customer who just so happened to be the founder of Rhino Camera Gear, which was a startup at the time. Sam formerly pursued a career in film making, but he only worked one semester in college towards it; however, he was able to flip this into a benefit, where he offered the founder of Rhino to manage the company’s social media for free. He knew he wouldn’t be land the role with pay, but he wanted to stand out. He later became the COO of Rhino Camera Gear. How did he manage to do this? Well, this couldn’t be more true, but the more you understand the company you work for, the more valuable you become! So if you feel stuck, you can work for free and reflect drive. Desperate times call for drastic measures.

3. Be Bold

Sam Eitzen’s advice to his younger self is to be bold. Sam learned it takes resilience and perseverance to make it. He defined being bold through improving Nike’s saying, “Just don’t stop being intense about what you want to accomplish.” Take calculated risks and put the work in. Sam grew up a simple man, so he understands that one must put in effort.

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