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Sapper Consulting's Chief Growth Officer: How to Grow

We spoke with Sapper Consulting's CGO, Matt Millen, who has learned his own lessons and applied some he learned from others to pass down to us! Matt has only showed growth since a young age. We listed the 3 key takeaways from this memorable experience below:

1. Learn & Earn

Just like most, Matt has realized he needed to work as means to get out of his environment, but at a very young age. The value of work is always overlooked, as it’s not something that sounds fun. We get some of the greatest life lessons and experiences from working, as it exercises our brains. To be successful in any job and move forward is learning the ins & outs of a process. Being curious and looking for things that work and what don’t work could help us find creative solutions to challenges at work or just our daily lives.

It’s not just about finding a job at any place, it’s all about the company culture. We learned 3 principles that revolve around culture from Matt. The first one is empathy. We need to find appreciation for what our co-workers do by learning more about what they do. It’s important to maintain and build the connection between co-workers. Second is to have fun! Obviously, work is a drag when you’re not having fun, so make it fun with your own personal interests. Matt likes Frisbee a lot, as it’s a simple fun thing to do for clearing your head. Lastly, doing the right thing by all your stakeholders. Remember, there are many people out there, other than you, who are affected by every decision made within a company.

Have you studied your job and applied it to your own life?

2. “Networking & Mentoring Is the Currency of Business”

Your environment has the greatest impact on any life. There are even many books that explain how there are around 7 elements to environment, where one of them is people. The people you surround yourself help shape you. You are the mean of your circle, as the people you give the most time to are the ones who influence you and teach you. One important way of using this to your advantage is having a mentor! It’s probably something everyone knows about, but not many do. Look around you, find someone who is where you aspire to be and approach them. The key to finding the right mentor is one that makes you comfortable. If they make you uncomfortable, they’re either not teaching you enough or they’re not actually at a spot you aspire to be. Networking and mentoring is like the currency of business.

Do you currently have a mentor or someone in mind?

3. First time for Everything!

There’s a first time for everything we do, especially when it comes to leadership. We never walk into our first leadership role with true experience. So, how does one land their first leadership role without that 20+ years of experience coming out of college? Well, it’s all about displaying readiness and less risk. Companies are always taking a risk when having someone else lead a portion of the company. However, you need to show that you are worth the risk or that it’s not that risky of a decision. Once you land a leadership role, always put yourself in your boss’s shoes and think from behind their office.

Why are you a risk worth taking?

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