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Naturebox Founder & M13 Company Partner: Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta is a well-rounded investor and entrepreneur who has challenged rejection. We were fortunate to speak with him and receive sound advice. Check the three main takeaways form the interview with Gautam below:

1. Pleasant Persistence

Persistence is a strong trait, but what about when it’s mixed with pleasance? Gautam Gupta is encouraging this, as he exemplifies it when raising VC funding from an Australian company after a year and a half of staying in touch with the firm. The strength behind persistence is overcoming the rejection, where following up afterwards is a way to overcome the obstacle of rejection. Being pleasant can be done in many ways, such as what Gautam had suggested, which is sending an article or relevant info that pertains to the person you’re talking to. This creativity is accomplished through the mindset of giving vs receiving. Always follow up and follow through! Not to mention, sometimes there will be a definite rejection, but the best advice Gautam has heard and passed on is to never give up.

2. Emotional Connection

Gautam is a strong believer of being emotionally connected to the product/service you’re building and making it a success. When a product is created, it’s usually followed by a mission value, which underlies the purpose of the product. You expect your customers to want/need the product based off of the problem you intend to solve, as they too might share that problem. Usually a product is built as a solution to a problem either you encounter or you witness others encountering, thus motivating you to execute it.

3. Be More Baffled

One of the biggest lessons we learned from Gautam during his interview is to be more baffled around people and their decisions. This is what helps us take more risks in life. Gautam’s mother had some concern when he wanted to leave his full-time job to work on Naturebox, which turned out to be the right move because it was a personal decision he felt was right for him at the time, and he was right!

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