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Moz CEO: Sarah Bird

Our local female business leader has shared her milestones and tips to success with us this week! Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz, has a proven track record of growth and has been able to identify her unknown strengths through constant hard work. Check out the three main takeaways from her interview below:

1. No Pain, No Gain

One quality that makes for being the important trait in a leader in Sarah Bird’s eyes is integrity. Integrity can be a very broad term, but one way to define it is being committed to helping others grow out of good intentions. Just like myself, Sarah ideally wants people to feel comfortable when in the same room; however, one takeaway she got from her dance instructor is that you can’t make someone too comfortable while having good intentions of seeing them grow. You have to go through uncomfortable moments (not necessarily practicing the splits) for reaching a goal, and sometimes you have to push people to get there. If you’re worried about any tension afterwards with someone you’re pushing, just remember if it’s out of good intentions and it’s pure, then they’ll be even more satisfied as the end result.

2. Don’t Get Lost In Shortcuts

School isn’t always the answer to landing a certain position. Although, it can be beneficial to undergo further education to learn things such as structure or discipline; however, some of these things can be self-taught or through peers at work. Sarah had majored in law, where she isn’t practicing in that field anymore, but through her experiences she learned a major lesson. The lesson of which there’s no shortcut in life. School does take a few years and seems dreading, but in hindsight it’s not that long and it’s one way to land a role through bypassing experience. There are many different paths that can lead to the same finish line, but regardless of the path, there’s no shortcut, as there will always be obstacles and challenges at hand. So if you’re debating between continuing education or expanding your professional experiences then just analyze the right fit for you and ask around, but make sure the end result is your choice.

You’re Not Perfect!

Close your eyes and picture this: you’re getting interviewed for a role you want in which you’ve prepared heavily for. You’re providing an answer to every question thrown with successful stories that reflect your great qualities and achievements. You’ve managed to make your interviewer think you’re perfect. Now open your eyes. Guess what, you didn’t get the job (not always the case). Why would that be? Well, for one thing, nobody’s perfect and you just basically told your interviewer you can’t express humility. Sarah has made a crucial point in that we can only grow through learning from mistakes. It’s all about how you handle a situation and respond to mistakes. On a side note, try to show eagerness through following up after your interviews!

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