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McKinstry CMO: Ash Awad

We interviewed Ash Awad, the CMO of McKinstry, who has gone through many obstacles in life that can't be summarized shortly for the keys below. I highly recommend listening to the backstories, in the podcast, for the 3 major takeaways below:

1. The Growth Recipe

Ash (not our CEO Ash) credits his mindset for the work ethic mentality, always thinking about how he could help his teammates as much as customers, being open-minded when listening to others, as well as finding his passion. He said the most critical one of those life skills was work ethic. Acknowledging your hard work, and always working hard when needed. Being aware that everything must be earned and that all your actions impact all stakeholders. Work as if your family owns the business.

Could you improve your work ethics? If yes, how so?

2. “Shut Up and Listen!”

The best advice (..again, not our CEO Ash) Ash was given, was to shut up and listen – literally! This is part of being open-minded and listening to others enable to grow. Let everyone’s opinion be heard, as everyone at work should want to accomplish the same goals as you. It’s a risk worth taking for committing to people. Committed in helping teammates get better at what they do, helping employees do what they love, allowing employees at all levels to have some autonomy in expressing their ideas and opinions.

Have you zipped your mouth and listened to others today?

3. Gratitude

This is a first, but I thought it needed to be done. This key actually wasn’t directly provided by Ash, but rather exemplified throughout the entire interview. It’s gratitude. He’s very thankful for every opportunity he’s been able to make and receive. He seems very thankful for his family members, teammates, and growth capabilities. I’ve learned more about gratitude and how it benefits us to want to grow, as well as those around them!

Can you think of 3 things to be grateful for

each morning?

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