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Just Starting Out or Looking to Make a Career Change? Here’s Some Good Advice

“Advice” can be explained as a suggestion of recommended actions you might take now or in the future. For those just starting careers (or looking to change careers), good advice is valuable.

Here’s some good advice based on some recent ExecuTalks podcasts:

- Be even more confident in your ability. If you believe you can do something; rise above your insecurities and take the risk. (from the conversation with John Lauer, CEO & Co-founder of Zipwhip)

- Say ‘Yes!’ when you get an opportunity to be around people who are doing things that excite or interest you. Dive in and work hard. (from the conversation with Leigh McMillan, CEO of Whitepages)

- Look for role models. In your early career or as you change careers, it is so valuable to have access to those willing to mentor you who have accomplished something like what you want to do. Particularly as an entrepreneur. (from the conversation with Eugenio Pace, CEO & Co-founder of Auth0 )

What do you think about the above advice? The team at ExecuTalks wants to hear from you!

What good career advice have you received? And what specific action did you take, or will you take based on it? Have you given anyone career advice? What did you suggest?

One more piece of good advice is to make sure and tune in the ExecuTalks podcast each week to hear inspiring and entertaining conversations with top executives about their career paths!

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