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I Admit, I Feel Overwhelmed.

One month ago today, we had just two people on our team. It was me and Samer Khalil, our Managing Editor.

Today, we are at 17 people.

17 people who undoubtedly believe in one mission, working towards achieving one vision.

I have always strongly believed that conversations change lives. My memory is populated with memories of conversations I've experienced throughout my life. It's what gets me through the tough times, you know? Just remembering a conversation I either heard on a podcast or had with someone, in a certain setting, during a certain time, when I was feeling a certain way.

Our mission is to inspire & help new professionals find & achieve their career ambitions through conversations & connections.

[Back to feeling overwhelmed]

So much has happened both in my personal life & professional life in the past few weeks. I honestly underestimated how much money I could live off of for 2 years without a job, and I underestimated how time-consuming & difficult it would be to actually build a team around a mission.

I've now not only committed to our mission, but I've committed to the people that joined the mission. Whether or not the people that have joined ExecuTalks want to be active team members for a short time or a long time, I must commit to them as human beings. That means I have to commit to their best interests as I've promised.

What if the amazing experience that I promised, didn't meet a team member's expectations? What if I let someone down? Am I doing a good enough job? Am I supporting & helping everyone enough?

I feel extremely overwhelmed, but unquestionably obligated to the commitments I've made to the 16 other people on this team.

If I am failing, or falling short, I hope I am creating an environment where being candid & transparent is not only okay but welcomed. My commitment is beyond committing to every person's career goals, it is committing to helping them in their life goals. I suppose that's the "overwhelming" part.

Whatever happens - Samer, Karen, Alyssa, Tawanda, MJ, Dina, David [Cairns], Aleksey, Sav, Andrea, Mary, Marni, Connor, Annet, Elias, David [Le] - I will not let you down.

Warmest Regards,


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