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How To "Let Go"

Four months ago, in August, I started to focus my energy on building a team around our vision to bring it to fruition. People have come and go in the span of just 3-4 months. Some people use the experience at ExecuTalks as a way to boost their resume to increase their chances of getting hired, some people use the experience as a way to get their first "professional experience," and some use the experience as a way to contribute to something meaningful. Regardless, I develop an emotional connection with most people that are or were on the team, and at times it's difficult for me to accept when someone has to leave, or if I have to let someone go because it's doing more harm than good for us.

I am admitting, it's hard for me to "let go" of a connection with someone. It makes me feel sad. I thrive on human connection, so when there comes a time when we have to "disconnect," it's a real loss for me.

This reminds me of the conversation we had with Tushar Garg, Flyhomes CEO/Co-Founder. Tushar started Flyhomes in 2015 with a close friend of his that he met in college. Today, Flyhomes is expanding very rapidly nationwide and has raised over $140 million. You can listen to the full conversation here.

I asked: "What's the most important life skill, in your opinion?"

He said: "The ability to let go."

We've interviewed many well-known entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other executives, and it was the first time I'd heard that from someone.

It alerted me. I asked myself: How can I better deal with a "disconnect?" When I have to "let go" of someone or something, what process would enable me to handle it better?

Here's what I realized:

One way I've dealt with "letting go," is by forming new connections. The euphoria I receive from forming new connections allows me to let go of former connections easier.

Another way is to write 'that person' a "letter of letting go," expressing how grateful you are for them or how much they mean to you (even if you don't send it!). At least for me, it affects me when I feel I've disconnected with someone on bad terms; it doesn't feel right. Disconnecting, and letting go on good terms always feels best (at least for me).

One thing is for certain though, I would be miserable without human connection, so I know that will always be my primary driver. Without it, I'm not me!

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