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Former Tableau Software EVP: Kelly Breslin Wright

Kelly has provided amazing useful tips and pieces of advice that we all could use. She's applied her lessons from her journey of being a top sales person (first at Tableau) to growing into an EVP and we provided you we three main takeaways below:

1. Invest In Yourself

To invest money, you have to make money; however, that’s not something we all should prioritize or are capable of doing. What we all can and should do is invest in ourselves. There’s no such thing as mastering yourself, as it’s something that requires consistency. To be our best self is to always better ourselves, through personal development. Kelly Breslin Wright has set up a perfect example, where she put herself before money, as she left a high paying role as a top tier sales person at Bank of America to continue education. She didn’t recommend school for everyone, as it depends on who you are. Kelly has constantly built upon her knowledge in entrepreneurship and every topic relevant to it. Sometimes we learn new things without realizing how much we actually needed that knowledge. Investing in yourself just means we should up-level and develop our experience and knowledge in areas that align with our personal goals.

2. Control What You Can Control

When Kelly was asked about whether we should stick to a long-term plan or go with the flow, she advised we should control situations we can control. When we make a long-term plan for our careers for the proceeding 10 years or so (whatever long-term means) we can’t expect to follow it step by step with everything going according to plan, because guess what...the world is always changing and we have to adapt! It’s good to have a plan and foundation, but it should constantly be updated and reevaluated. Maybe someone had made a plan at the age of 20 to do a specific thing within accounting, where 5 years into the plan an automated robot replaces many accountants. Now you may be wondering how we can evaluate our plans exactly. It should be based off of what you’re going to learn, who you’re going to work with, etc. We are constantly making decisions every second of our lives and Kelly words it best, “See which doors are open and see which one you want to walk through at the time.”

3. Curious George

Being curious is apart of investing in yourself. Kelly mentions curiosity, as it’s one of the top life skills to have when it comes down to developing ourselves. Always ask why and dig deeper and deeper, as we don’t know everything and never will. This also ties into controlling what we can control. We don’t know everything that’s happening and we can’t always control situations, meaning there’s no end point to reach. When we stop being curious, it’s mainly because we think we know enough to get by for the rest of our lives. I wish that were possible and true. When you lose curiosity, you lose innovation. Be more like Curios George!

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