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Former Tableau Software CMO: Elissa Fink

If you didn't get the chance to hear Elissa Fink's inspirational journey, you're missing out! She's a marketing guru who has learned how to initiate opportunities, in a simple fashion too! Check out a few of the takeaways from the interview below:

1. Don’t Let Your Strengths Go Weak

It’s one thing to be able to identify your weakness and improving upon it, but it’s another to get the most out of your strengths. Elissa Fink brings a different perspective, in that we should be identifying our strengths and leaning into them more. It’s more about what you are able to bring to the table that others can’t. Sometimes we focus too much on improving weaknesses that we become blind to our true strengths. For example, if you’re applying for a technical role, you can find a way to use a strength such as your communication skills and tie it into how you can achieve the tasks at hand through the gift of communication.

2. Give More Than You Get

The mindset of serving others isn’t just something that should be adopted by customer service reps. Any company you start or work for will run and operate through your customer base at the end of the day. No matter what department you’re in, we build products and services for customers. We are all serving customers. When we have a project to turn in to our managers or stakeholders, we aren’t doing it for them. All of us want amazing customer service from any company we end up using or going to and we should be providing services with urgency and priority. Treat customers how you’d want to be treated, and better. Give more than you get and you’ll watch yourself grow and learn!

3. It’s Never Late

We live in an ever changing world, where more and more solutions are created for problems we didn’t even know we had! Adaptability is key in life, but in able to adapt you have to keep learning and growing. Never give yourself an endpoint or think you’re behind in life, no matter your age or current skillset. It’s impossible to not be behind when the world and it’s expanding industries grow every second. You may be a coding wiz, but a new software could come out any second that could either put your job out or change how coding is done across every market. Keep adapting, never settle, and keep a positive mentality!

For Elissa's full story, check out the podcast episode!

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