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Former SeaWorld CEO: Joel Manby

Joel Manby has served as an executive and leader across multiple big firms and authored a book called "Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders"! His experiences, empathy, and leadership style is very moving and we have a lot to learn from them. Check out the few impactful lessons we learned from talking with Joel below:

1. X Doesn’t Mark The Spot

As accomplished as Joel Manby is, he's always willing to share experiences that weren't so successful and be vulnerable. One major thing most of us could stress less about is our future. Don’t worry about where you’re at if you don’t currently know what you want to do. Don’t let that stress you. Joel didn’t know till around the age of 40, and now he’s impacted the corporate world by proving that love and empathy works across all leadership roles in private and public companies! No matter what you do, any random classes, internships, or even social events, it could help you find your light at the end of the tunnel if you’re a life-long learner.

2. Play Hard Ball & Soft Ball

No, this isn't a bad cop/good cop type of deal, as it's more focused on knowing your worth and presenting it in a respectable way. A lot of us tend to find ourselves unhappy in an organization, especially over time. Over the time you’ve invested in the company you work with and for, you’ve built assets for yourself and that is trusting relationships with coworkers and customers. If you’re unhappy, you can “threaten to leave” if you know what you want, but be careful. Make sure the team or company would know you’re thinking of leaving and give your boss the opportunity to satisfy whatever it is that bothers you out of respect. This way you maintain your trusting relationships that you’ve spent so much time investing in.

3. Honesty Is The Best Policy

The one trait Joel looks for in people is trust. We introduced it in the previous lesson, which tells you how important trust is. You have to keep a trusting relationship with people to be able to move forward in your career, as well as pulling others with you towards the next steps in life. One thing that caught my eye most was Joel’s evaluation process. Three concepts are focused on within this process, which basically gathers team members and every one answers these 3 questions about each member – 1) What do I want you to do more of? 2) What do I want you to do less of? 3) What do I want you to stop doing? This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but Joel prevents that with contracts they get into and everyone knows what they’re getting into. Honesty is hard, but when the intentions are good, everyone improves!

Check out our full 30-minute interview with Joel on our podcast!

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