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Former SAP Concur CMO & Pantheon Platform CMO: Christy Marble

Christy Marble has been a star from the start, where she's always been a hard worker. She's shared her stories and has passed the lessons she's learned throughout her journey with us! Check out the three main takeaways from our session with her below:

1. Do What You Say

A very valuable lesson Christy Marble grew up on, thanks to her mom, is when you’re going to say something, you stick to your words and do it. Ultimately, this is executing any task you give yourself, which in turn becomes a strong habit. However, if you find yourself giving full efforts, it should still feel satisfactory and that’s all that matters. There will always be obstacles preventing you from moving forward or upward, and most the time there’s a solution or way around it. You don’t have to wear Nike to remember to just do it. It happens at times where we tend to bite off more than we can chew, but that specific experience can strengthen you by helping you see your strengths more clearly.

2. Let People Help You

It’s human nature for one person to want to help another. In fact, most of Christy’s roles came through her circle of networks, through referrals. Some people don’t want to see you grow, but there’s always an advocate and mentor we usually have around us. When Christy was blocked from attending grad school by her former boss, her friend wanted to see her grow and be given the opportunity, so she advocated for her by bringing her on a different team, where she then was able to continue her education. If it wasn’t for her friend, Christy may not have been able to attend school as early as she would’ve wanted and her path may be different today; however, I’m sure knowing Christy, she would’ve still found a way herself! Always have people in the back of your mind to match them with opportunities you come across and that they don’t know about. Some will say to keep your career issues to yourself, but that’s not how one grows. Everyone will need help from others, even when they’re unaware of it.

3. Empathy Is a Byproduct of Listening

We’ve come across the word ‘empathy’ so many times now, so it must be important. Especially, when it’s worded different. Christy has added to the perspective of empathy; through a skill she finds most crucial for anyone, and that skill is listening. It’s easy to get lost if we’re only listening to ourselves. Listen with full attention when around others, as everyone carries knowledge or skills we don’t currently carry. It’s the only way to improve upon yourself and helping others.

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