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Former Alder Biopharmaceuticals CEO: Bob Azelby

We got to speak with Bob, who had a lot of great material to share. He's also provided us some keys that one could get from his book. Here are some takeaways we'd like to pass down:

1. What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

We all subconsciously give up on many things we still think we’re putting effort in. We don’t always know what we truly want, but a key to enjoy what you do is stressing about it (in a healthy amount of course). If we stress a little about something we would’ve liked to better in, then you are playing to win. You should never play scared to do your job, because that’s setting yourself up for failure. If you do something with fear of not doing it well, you’ll end up not doing it well. We may be miserable when we stress after a certain period of time, but being miserable is a good thing! It means you’re challenging yourself and you’re putting in effort.

Are you stressing about what you do and feeling challenged?

2. It Could Always Be Better

Everyone has their strengths or specialty skill, but is that really all you need to search for to reach success and happiness? Our Founder, Ash Faraj, can definitely play ball and compete, but can he beat LeBron 1v1? We may never know, but what we need to know is that we need to constantly build on our skill and the key is to search for development areas. We need to find what’s holding us back from getting our next role or reaching our next goal. It’s a competitive world, and may share the same skills as you, it’s just about making your strength stronger.

Have you found your setback that you need to start developing more?

3. Win-Win

Managers want employees that aren’t difficult managing and employees don’t like being managed much, so at the end of the day people’s perception of you can sometimes be your reality. One of the biggest life lessons we learned from Bob is that we should really invest in learning other people’s incentives and having emotional intelligence. Reading people is the best skill you could have, as it helps one better reflect on how they can align their incentives with others. Companies will always do what’s in their best interest and people want the best for their selves too, so it’s a matter of tying your goals with theirs for a win-win!

Are you constantly developing your emotional intelligence?

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