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Finding your Target Audience

Whether you’re just starting a business or trying to grow your company, knowing exactly who you’re trying to reach out to and help is crucial.

This is your target audience. These are the people you want to take into consideration when creating marketing strategies and all of your content. You want to make sure anything you put out, your target audience will benefit from it.

Why is it important to know your target audience?

  • It will help you create a mission statement that attracts the right people

  • You’ll know what type of content to create to get people engaged

  • You’ll know where to share your content to make sure you reach them

Now that you know why you should have your target audience in mind, here’s how to find them and pull them in:

Create a persona

Creating a persona for your target audience gives you a more in-depth idea of who you are trying to reach — therefore, making it easier to envision who you’re talking to and what they want to hear. This will help you create your company’s voice and tone.

When brainstorming a persona for your ideal audience or client, the main things you should focus on are:

  • What their weaknesses are

  • How your business can help them

  • Where they’re located

  • Where they spend their time online

You don’t have to go into great detail, but I believe the more specific, the better.

Some specifics that some people may include are:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Personality

  • Wants and needs

  • Job title

Focus on your offer

To make sure you are pulling in the ones who will have a positive experience with your business, your content should highlight your strengths.

It’s okay to branch out, variety in topics is good — you don’t want your followers to get bored. But always be sure to check that you don’t stray too far. Your content is there to build trust, you want your business to be seen as a reliable resource in your area of expertise.

At the end of the day, the question you should ask yourself is:

Will my audience find my offer appealing?

If not, you may want to ease your content into a different direction.

Take a look at your followers

When you post your content, where do people engage the most?

Paying attention to this will help you find where most of your audience hangs out. But before you focus your energy on that platform, look at the types of people who engage with your posts.

Skim their bios. And if you have the time, maybe see who they interact with as well. Do they have any traits that make it seem like they would benefit from your business?

If they aren’t the type of people you want to focus on, you can slow down your marketing on that platform, and spend more time elsewhere.

If they are your target audience, engage with them.

  • Ask what they would like to see more of

  • Do surveys

  • Respond to their comments and messages

  • Make yourself easily accessible

Where do you focus most of your time? Let us know in the comments below!

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