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Did I Just Make A Huge Mistake?

About 8 months ago, I resigned from a wonderful job that paid well, I truly enjoyed, and with great people that I actually cared about.

When I look back on my decision now, on some days I feel that I may have made a mistake, but on other days I feel like there would be no way I could grow ExecuTalks to what it has now become, and the permanent impact that I envision it will have even after I have long passed away from this earth.

Feeling like I made the wrong move stems from my fear of failure. I'm not afraid to admit it because it's true. There isn't a human being on earth that doesn't feel the emotion of fear; it has driven our decision-making for as long as we have existed as a species.

I fear losing time. Am I spending my time on the right things? What if I had kept my job and spent my time building my own career instead of building a platform to help others succeed in their careers? Maybe leaving a job that paid six-figures and had tremendous career growth opportunities was the wrong decision. Am I failing to make the right life decisions? Did I fail to spend my time on this earth wisely?

Why should this matter to you?

I am sharing my feelings with you because I want you to be aware that my brain is constantly firing these "fear signals" at me, and I'm sure you're getting the same signals as well because we are both human beings.

How do I keep myself on track and not let the "fear signals" drive my decisions?

Two things: Actively practicing gratitude, and vividly imagining the end of my life and asking my 80-year-old-self, "what do you really regret?" I exercise these two activities every single day to keep myself on track, and whenever I feel fear, I exercise it again.

So, when I do ask my 80-year-old-self what I would regret, I've never regretted "not making enough money." I've always asked myself at 80, "Did you help enough people? Did you leave a big enough impact on the human species utilizing the gifts you were given by the higher power in this universe? Did you maximize your full potential of what you could contribute to the human species?"

It's like magic... The fear signal diminishes... but like clockwork, it will come back around, and I will have to repeat that exercise.

So, did I make a mistake in resigning my job? I think the answer doesn't matter, because the question itself originates from my fear of failure.

We can only move forward and continue to practice gratitude and "regret-minimization." Life is short.

What do you fear most? What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below or email me: ash@executalks.com

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