College Students: How to Maintain a Low Stress Social Life

It’s a classic problem of young, future professionals pursuing a higher education post-grade school. You have all these important assignments incoming, important lectures to attend, and social circles beckoning you to join them.

Frantically pushing through your work in search of a reprieve to appease your friends may not be the best way to ensure your future successes. But if not, are we supposed to abandon all hope of a significant social life while plodding our way through college?

Fortunately, plenty of people have been in your position before, seemingly leaving blueprints to their successful balancing act of grades and friends (and sleep). Here’s how you can find the same success they did.

1. Prioritize

Prioritize all responsibilities of the week first, to include college work. After high school, we mostly gain the freedom to decide our own schedule week by week. There are two approaches you can take. First, you can set up your schedule so that you take care of every single assignment you have before you address anything outside of your classes. This means that your heaviest workload will always be in the beginning of the week as you complete all your assignments before the weekend arrives.

Or you can set aside the first 6 – 8 hours of your being awake every day as work time to get your assignments completed. The first 6 – 8 hours of our day can be our most productive. After 8 hours, productivity has been shown to drop off a little. Consider anything after 8 hours as time to use for clubs or your social circles. This is a way you can maintain social ties throughout the week instead of just a few days of it. With 6 – 8 hours set aside at the beginning of every day, you’ll find no trouble making it through your assignments and to your friends by the end of it.

2. Prioritize your social life

Let’s say you’re on track for your MBA and everyone around you are working towards Healthcare careers. As rock solid as a friendship with them might be and as callous as this may sound, they won’t help get you any closer to your goals. By contrast, surrounding your social circles with people in similar mindsets and goal-hunting will help you claw closer to your dreams.

Try venturing out of your comfort zones to seek out others working towards their MBAs, or your chosen degree plan/path, so that you can feed off each other’s insights, learned wisdom, and motivation along the way to your goals. Who knows? You may end up making fast friends with a future business partner!

3. Prioritize your hobbies

We all need a break from the rigors of college, some more often than others. Instead of using your breaks to hang out in a lounge or hit the bars, try spending some time looking at all the clubs and honor societies your school offers.

Coding & programming or any club can help boost your experience in your field along with others with similar goals. Honors societies bring a lot of needed help to communities while standing out on your future college résumé. Both opportunities can fill your friends lists with like-minded people where you can revel in shared motivational energy. You’ll learn more useful information for future aspirations by filling your social circles with people headed in the same direction.

Do you know any other tips & tricks future professionals in college can learn from? Share the wealth of knowledge by letting us know in the comments, so we can all grow and be our best together.

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