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Billionaire Entrepreneur Naveen Jain: A Few Life Lessons

1) Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Naveen and his family were nomadic and never had a place called home, which eventually helped him become comfortable with change. Whereas, people today are uncomfortable with change and find it challenging to get out their comfort zone. One can truly distinguish themselves by adapting to change. One fear that comes with change is failing to meet expectations, where Naveen concludes that expectations can create dissatisfaction. One point he made that was worth noting was the comparison between entrepreneurship and heartbeats; being said, that they both constantly go up and down. You can’t be too comfortable or cocky when coming across a win and we should only learn from our losses. This means we shouldn’t attach our happiness to certain expectations. The key is to be happy with who you are!

Are you willing to challenge yourself daily with uncomfortable situations?

2) Is the glass half empty or half full? Mystery solved.

The conversation of happiness and expectations involves the feelings of optimism and pessimism, where Naveen solved the mystery of whether the glass of water is half full or half empty. The answer is that it’s a bad question and that it should be whether the glass is filling and not being overfilled or empty. Focus on what the world will be and not what it is! Naveen was asked about a piece of his childhood that had the biggest impact on him today, where he stated that it was his loving relationship with his parents. Love in the family is the most important resource to success. Regardless of financial position or family status, it’s about the love shared. We need way less than we think we need.

People could think of more things that make them unhappy and shouldn’t think of the question of what makes them unhappy or focusing on problems. Rather ask, what makes you happy. We focus on eliminating things that make us unhappy rather than focusing on what makes us happy, which is wrong. It all starts with asking the right questions. Rephrasing questions can guide us to more answers. Another big mistake noticed is that entrepreneurs tend to focus on solving the symptom of the problem rather than the root cause.

Are you asking the right questions? Or should I ask, are you asking questions the right way?

3) Passion is for losers

We’ve been fooled for years being told passion is the key. It sounds counterintuitive with the previous lesson of being happy with what you do, right? But, Naveen redefines passion, as it has been misinterpreted! True winners find success through obsession. You don’t have to be an expert in any field in particular to be successful in something, as industries are always changing. Naveen has 7 different companies, all in different industries and succeeds in each through curiosity, as non-experts are more curious and can question things more, which leads to more solutions. Naveen has an obsession for challenging the foundations and asking questions differently to find more problems and solutions.

Most people have already heard that the key is not to focus on money, but rather searching for problems to solve. Money becomes a byproduct. Naveen has a gift of changing perspectives on questions and issues, so he explains this in a creative way. Making money is like having an orgasm. You read that correctly! If you just focus on it then you won’t get it, whereas you have to enjoy it to get it.

What do you wake up thinking about every morning?

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