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Amperity CEO: How Focusing on Mental Discipline leads to Professional Success

By: Fitz Mullins | ExecuTalks | March 12th, 2020

In this week’s ExecuTalk, we sat down with Kabir Shahani, co-founder & CEO of Amperity, and caught a glimpse of the incredible culture he's built as well as what makes him tick as a leader.

At the time of writing, Forbes listed Amperity as one of "America's Best Startup Employers." And it comes as no surprise.

The son of two Indian immigrants, Kabir was instilled with an extremely diligent work ethic at a young age. Kabir has maintained that same work ethic throughout his professional career and continues to push the boundaries of possibility.

Check out our three favorite takeaways below and listen to the full podcast for even more!

1) Let your Differences Guide How you Make Important Decisions

Growing up in Kansas City, Kabir always felt like an outsider. His family was frequently misunderstood within the community. Whether it was bringing a foreign food to elementary school for lunch or his family dealing with anti-Semitic graffiti, Kabir knew that he was not like others in his neighborhood. Even though his parents never dwelled on their circumstances, Kabir couldn’t help but think about how he was different. Instead of letting the situation bring him down, he used that feeling of isolation and turned it into a strength. He has long denied the human need to conform. He had so many experiences that pointed to his difference and he utilized those differences as a source for strength. That strength has guided his decision-making process throughout his professional career.

2) Control the Space Between your Ears

When Kabir thinks through challenges, he frequently reminds himself to control the 6 inches between his ears. He firmly believes in being very intentional with his actions, particularly when running a business. If you can keep your thoughts in check and not let the highs get too high or let the lows get too low, then you’ll always be better off. Kabir trusts that the ability to have strict intention is what allows a company to successfully scale or not. He was quick to acknowledge that self-doubt is real, but added that it’s just white noise in the background that you have to shut out as an entrepreneur. Having the right mindset is fundamental to your success and without the right mindset you’ll never be able to perform at your best.

3) Treat your People Right and They Will Become Students of Life

Before starting Amperity, Kabir wasn’t even sure if he wanted to be a founder again. While taking some time to himself, he decided to study how elite athletes cope with stress and self-doubt. By examining the best of the best, Kabir realized how important mental discipline is to one’s own success. While developing his team at Amperity, Kabir has instilled that same sense of mental discipline on his own employees. Kabir spends a lot of time investing in his people and making sure they have the right tools to succeed. In doing so, he has created an atmosphere at Amperity that fosters lifelong learning. Kabir is not one to rest on his laurels and always feels he has more to learn. It has become obvious that the same tent rings true throughout the team at Amperity and is reflected in the company’s success.

About Amperity

Amperity helps brands get to know their customers, make strategic decisions, and consistently take the right course of action to better serve their consumers and continue growing their businesses. Essentially, they're a customer data platform that provides intelligent capabilities across data management and unification, analytics and insights, and activation. They serve many of the world’s most-loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Crocs, J. Crew, Brooks Running, Seattle Sounders FC, Stanley, and many more.

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