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Aditi Consulting CEO: Raja Narayana

Raja has been through a long and amazing journey to get to where he is today. We got the opportunity to hear him open up to his path and his state of mind after facing a variety of challenges. Check out our 3 takeaways below:

1. Humans Are Humans

After many trials and errors, Raja found that the best sales technique was not selling the product, but rather reaching the customer’s heart. When you genuinely want to help someone and allow them to help you help them, there’s a bigger chance you’ll succeed in making a sale, which is how Raja became the top sales man wherever he was at! Humans grow through other humans, as we are all here to help one another. A key that many founders and executives have signified that Raja also recommends is finding a great mentor, along with working hard.

How will you improve your people skills?

2. No Such Thing as Wasteful Knowledge

One thing Raja wishes he did more of when younger, aside form traveling more, was to read more books. Raja had majored in Engineering in college and hasn’t really worked in the engineering field afterwards; however, he was able to put some of the knowledge he learned in an unrelated field to use by applying engineering acumen when needed. It’s all about the journey, not the destination, so you can always learn something new and find it to come in handy later along the journey. As Raja mentioned, you may hate doing something now, but in the future it will help some how.

Are you demotivated in doing something now that you feel won’t benefit you at the moment or the future?

3. Give Purpose

The most beneficial skill that Raja believes one should have is people skills. Our purpose should be to benefit other and have a positive impact. When we go out looking for work or are currently working, we need to love our job more than the company. We must have a purpose in doing what we do in able to succeed at the task at hand. The best piece of advise Raja was given and is now passing down to us is to never go after the money, as you’ll lose the purpose. If you go after the purpose, the money will follow.

Are you giving purpose to your actions?

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